April Fool's Satellite Live

April Fool's Satellite Live 1.0

See what's happening anywhere on Earth in real time


  • See any place in the world, in real time
  • Uses satellite imagery from NASA
  • Features a locating tool and a screen capturing utility


  • No support for layers
  • Level of detail may vary


Have you ever wondered what life is like on the other side of the world, just on a normal day like today? Stop wondering: now you can see it.

Satellite Live is an impressive mapping application with which you can view satellite imagery from any location on the planet, traveling from one place to another with just a mouse click and zooming in and out at your will. In a way it works very much like the popular Google Earth but with a slight difference: Satellite Live offers live, real-time images.

The program uses former military technology that has now been released to civilians. Software developers have quickly taken advantage of it, producing a striking piece of software like you've probably never seen before.

You'll be able to watch people actually walking down the street, parking their cars, buying groceries from the market stall or going for a walk in the park. Obviously the program only shows images from public and open areas so forget about peeking into somebody's bathroom to witness private stuff. Nevertheless, Satellite Live features an extraordinary zoom level with which you won't miss a single thing.

The program includes also a locating feature (which finds any place on Earth in a matter of seconds), an embedded screen capturing tool and navigational buttons to move around maps. However, there's no support for extra information layers yet.

Bear in mind that the level of detail may vary from one place to another, which means that populated areas such as New York, Los Angeles, London or Tokyo have more image quality than the Nevada desert or the Amazon jungle. In any case, Satellite Live is still an incredible application that opens a window to the world from your own computer.

Satellite Live lets you witness what's going on in any location on the planet, in real time. Though the level of detail may vary, it's still an impressive app with which to learn how life is in other parts of the world.

Satellite Live makes use of unparalleled former military technology in combination with global satellite images, maps and 3D rendering tools to literally put the world at your fingertips.

See what this awesome tool has for you:

  • Zoom up to street level and see what's happening in real time
  • Search for restaurants, hotels and famous landmarks all over the world
  • Travel anywhere you want. Use the Locating tool and you'll be there in seconds.
  • Maps and images can be freely rotated, zoomed and tilted for an optimized 3D view
  • Take screenshots of your favorite places

April Fool's Satellite Live


April Fool's Satellite Live 1.0

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